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An arts-based program that focuses on Hispanic youth.
What is Project Respeto?

Project Respeto is an arts-based program that has proven to be highly successful with continued results indicating that youth participants are staying in school, attending at a higher rate than previously recorded, showing a reduction in discipline referrals, and making progress toward graduation. Under Susan Moreno’s direction, ArtsTech services 50-75 Hispanic and minority youth, increasing the number of service days (including weekends), as well as offer lengthened summer offerings to keep the youth engaged in positive art and prosocial activities. Putting the participants in a position to learn and practice anti-violence strategies/practices, remain in school, and increase positive and resiliency factors is paramount to success. With a focus on Hispanic youth, Project Respeto addresses an-at-risk population that experiences the highest dropout rates, poor attendance, and disconnect with most school settings. Emphasizing culturally competent programming for Hispanic youth living in northeast KCMO is vital to changing violent behavior. Reversing that trend is the expected outcome for this program.  


Additionally, Virtual Art Clubs students are taking classes from home. Students will virtually participate to continue involvement in small groups or in person, activities Will occur weekly utilizing technology and zoom gatherings virtually.  School age activities will involve students engaging and tracking involvement with guest speakers, visiting artists and hands on art packets.  

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