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Hi, we’re ArtsTech.

We're a youth organization that helps underserved young people, families, and communities by teaching them artistic and technical skills that can help them find good jobs and improve their lives.

A place where youth design their future.

- Dave Sullivan , Founder

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May  20, 2024

Wrapping up with Kylee, Nick, and Blanca as their internship chapters close – but their artistic journeys are far from over! Kylee, a Park Hill HS Senior, is ready for a summer of art. Nick, a Park Hill HS Junior, stays committed to supporting youth programs. Blanca, a Cristo Rey HS Sophomore, looks ahead to continuing her internship journey. Cheers to their growth and future collaborations!


May  20, 2024
Capturing creativity in action with DeLaSalle Art class! Thrilled to welcome visiting artist Sonie Ruffin as inspiration ignites our imaginations.


April  25, 2024
We at ArtsTech are thrilled to extend our deepest gratitude to the students, teachers, and parents from Crossroads School who joined us for a memorable journey of creativity and expression in our space.


April 11 , 2024

Capturing creativity in action! Terry Simpkins brought inspiration to DeLaSalle Art Class this week, making it a truly beautiful experience for all involved. #ArtisticEncounters #InspiringMoments


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