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Series of summer events for the youth. 

ArtsTech identifies creative and imaginative young minds and support them in their efforts to be entrepreneurial and design fun for their peers. ArtsTech offers a multi-phase youth entrepreneurial and intergenerational project to engage 10-18-year-old youth in designing and creating activities as part of the “Club KC” experience. ArtsTech is uniquely positioned to serve this wide age group because of our emphasis on art and technology.  Both art and technology are appealing and age appropriate for the target population and can be easily adapted for skill and age level.   Again, this year we are emphasizing S.T.E.A.M.-related activities such as music, fashion, coding, robotics, dance, music, and art. This provides an alternative and diverse venue for youth who are not drawn to sports-related activities.


With an eye towards future trends, ArtsTech added virtual and remote opportunities for teenagers to be engaged in Cub KC activities from their homes. The COVID-19 crisis has taught us that we need new behaviors to socialize, learn, earn a paycheck, and adjust to a new normal. Proposed activities include FortNite, dance, singing, and gaming contests. This program addition will allow Club KC to reach more youth throughout the Kansas City area and engage them is fun and safe activities remotely. The coronavirus may still be a concern for some parents and this will provide a viable option for their children. 


Adding the remote virtual component will increase participation numbers but NOT the physical presence that creates social distancing issues. Social distancing, mask-wearing, regular hand washing, contract tracing, checking body temperatures, and general healthy practices will be taught and enforced. ArtsTech will use summer activities as “teaching moments” to promote healthy lifestyles and understands that social distancing with teenagers is problematic. COVID-19 protocols and practices are learning opportunities and not to be seen as draconian measures. 

What is Club KC?
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