Dropout Recovery Initiative

Dropout Recovery Initiative

ArtsTech is addressing the 30+% dropout rate through a new initiative in partnership with the Kansas City Public Schools

 ArtsTech’s Out of School/Dropout Recovery School

ArtsTech’s OSS School will target 12-18 year old short- and long-term out of school (OSS); over-age middle school; struggling high school students with Safe School Act issues; and students needing a transition setting to strengthen their academic skills, change inappropriate behavior, increase graduation rates, improve attendance, and increase their employability. This educational initiative will infuse arts throughout the curriculum to teach non-traditional learners in a manner proven to engage their creativity and commitment to learning in the core areas of reading, math, science, and social studies. Art is also therapeutic and will be utilized to change behavior and create a healing environment.

ArtsTech offers a wide array of educational, social, and mental health services designed specifically for urban, at-risk, suspended, and likely to drop out youth. ArtsTech has strategically positioned itself to address educational needs for juvenile offenders, suspended, disenfranchised, and marginalized urban core youth. First, and most importantly, ArtsTech’s board and staff are committed to serving this hard-to-educate population.

ArtsTech’ unique educational approach that integrates exposure to the arts, year-round part-time jobs opportunities, and a mentoring program has a positive impact on changing lives. ArtsTech’s blended-education approach offers comprehensive, unique, and innovative educational strategies to engage students who have been suspended, pushed out, shoved out, or otherwise left the KCPS. Identifying each young person’s educational, social, and emotional needs and characteristics is an important first assessment to ensure a successful individual educational and employment plan. Blended learning integrates fine art strategies to individualize instruction for each participant based on real-time data and interests. This approach allows for seamless targeted intervention and flexible groupings, as well as real collaboration among students. This also enhances leadership and critical-thinking skills. Education is the key to a successful career, offers a variety of meaningful and relevant life opportunities, and can be the foundation for positive family relationships. Communities must do everything they can to make sure their young people achieve a good education.

Contact information:

Martin Jackson, Principal or Dave Sullivan, Executive Director