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Computer Redistribution has changed it's name to Digital Literacy.
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Computer Redistribution Program (CRP)

CRP is a collaborative venture between the National Cristina Foundation and ArtsTech to provide persons with disabilities and other individuals, schools, and community agencies with refurbished computers and networking services.

ArtsTech distributes 500+ computers each year to disabled and at-risk individuals and the various organizations that serve this special population. ArtsTech is grateful to the businesses, government agencies, schools, and individuals that donate used computers.

General Information

There are a great number of situations where technology can really make a positive difference. To the disadvantaged, the handicapped or "at-risk" populations, this equipment supports educational and quality of life needs. A letter from any service provider agency explaining the need begins the process.

Businesses upgrade machines frequently and they often donate used equipment to an organization for redistribution. This generosity brings tremendous joy and an increased sense of independence, along with opportunities for capacity building to individuals and agencies.


Early in 1987, ArtsTech became aware of the "promise recycled equipment held" and identified redistribution of equipment as an unmet need in the metropolitan area. A speech by an ArtsTech staff person in Washington, D.C. on the potential value that telecommunications equipment could have by enhancing education and the lives of disabled or "at-risk" youth, fostered our connection with the National Cristina Foundation (NCF) and resulted in a partnering arrangement to accept donations, costing ArtsTech only the shipping costs on donated equipment. NCF solicits used equipment donations from large corporations for distribution throughout the nation and to third world countries. ArtsTech's clients benefit from these efforts. ArtsTech also continually seeks donations locally in the Kansas City metropolitan area.


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