Digital Inclusion KC

The Kansas City Coalition for Digital Inclusion


Every citizen and household in the Kansas City metropolitan area has access to the Internet, the equipment needed to use it and the skills needed to take advantage.


To facilitate collaboration among organizations and initiatives working to bridge the digital divide in order maximize the resources for the greatest impact.

Mayor Sly James and the City of Kansas City, Missouri, are working to implement a Digital Equity Strategic Plan to provide residents with the ability to bridge the digital divide and achieve economic success. The City’s Digital Equity Strategic Plan will provide residents with six pathways to full digital inclusion and economic mobility. The pathways include access to affordable broadband, training and education, an using the internet to find jobs and create businesses.

“An area I have been particularly focused on during my time in office is digital equity.  This means making sure that all our citizens have equal access to the Internet, the ability to purchase a low cost device to connect to the Internet, and the skills to use both the connection and the device.  It means ensuring all of us can participate and compete in our digital, 21st century economy.”

“Our City has been a leader in national efforts to bridge the digital divide.  We have participated in the White House and Department of Housing and Urban Development ConnectHome Initiative, the TechHire Initiative, the National Digital Inclusion Alliance, Next Century Cities, and other programs committed to digital inclusion.  Locally, we have created organizations such as the Mayor’s Bi-State Innovation Team, KC Digital Drive, and the Kansas City Coalition for Digital Inclusion to lead the charge on digital equity in the Kansas City region.”

~Sylvester “Sly” James, Jr. Mayor of Kansas City

The purpose of Kansas City, Missouri’s Digital Equity Strategic Plan is to frame the issue of the Digital Divide for the Mayor, City Council, City staff, corporate citizens, and the community at large, and to promote a shared understanding of the need to take action to ensure all Kansas Citizens are able to participate in an increasingly digital society.   This Plan outlines the course by which the City can create opportunities for all residents to have equal access to and utilization of the digital economy.

The Plan, which is detailed in the document, is fourfold:
1) clarify the current state of the Digital Divide and Digital Equity both around the world and locally,
2) describe work-to-date in Kansas City on Digital Equity, and
3) propose next steps (aka Priorities and Pathways) for Mayoral and City Council approval to advance Digital Equity in Kansas City, Missouri.

Here is a link to a document that explains in detail how this collation will achieve digital equity in Kansas City
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